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Really good chess kindle books

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    In , Chain Shot! White is going to lose one piece. Viewed the other side around, from Black side. Isn't it?. Black can without danger play Knight f6, with a well timed double attack. And anyway he can take advantageously and without any danger anything located on d5: a strategic square, as it also defends e7, where he can go back if the Bishop is captured. A possible continuation: xe7 xe7 ending a full Knight up.

    Obviously avoid in this second case the error of recapturing with the Queen xe7??

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    It's wise to always chose the right captures sequences, it's not mandatory to recapture with the piece directly threatened. A frequent evaluation error named "counting error" by Heisman. C00 French opening 1. Now seen from the black side. Isn't it? Black can without danger move his Knight c6, with an advantageous double attack. And anyway take advantageously and without any danger anything located on e5: it is a strategic square, as it is in the meantime defending square d7, where it can go back if the Bishop is captured.

    A possible continuation: xd7 xd7 ending one full pawn up. Remember to always choose the right sequence of captures: it's not mandatory to recapture with the piece threatened. A very frequent evaluation error. These positions are not even to be considered as traps, they are just unintentional errors, the cause being to have not recognized this typical Pattern.

    On an empty chessboard it could be the above diagram on your Kindle , put a Knight on a1. Move the the Knight to go to b1. An additional example in the following page. Now, bringing back the Knight to a1 each time, go to all the squares, counterclockwise and spiral wise. That is a1 b1, a1 c1, a1 d1, reaching all external square up to a1 a3, a1 a2.

    Next all internal squares: a1 b2, a1 c2, and so on till you covered all the squares, up to the central squares.

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    Do not try to find all the possible ways to reach a square, one is enough. You should aim to do the complete tour in less than three minutes.

    1 Major modes

    Next, put on the board four Black's pawns as shown, which forbid access to 8 threatened squares. Do again the Knight's tour, avoiding landing on the squares where you would be captured and also avoid to capture a pawn, like a student did. Note your TIME. Examples in the following page. In the last example, it might help to know that you must reach h3 before g1. If you feel like, try blind, without a board, a CM is able to do that.

    Key elements to play well an opening is to know the purpose of an opening, the value of a sequence of moves and understanding typical positions, it's surely better to understand that to know by heart. However the objectives must be established first: one situation is the young boy where the aim is to bring him at Master level with a 20 hours weekly course lasting 5 years another situation is the Candidate Master aiming to obtain the Master norm still another is the club player target of this handbook who looks for amusement, would like to win many games against players at his level, and eventually to classify.

    Let us compare to scientific matters, namely mathematics: first a theorem is explained, then you are taught to apply it properly.

    The demonstration of the theorem, the most difficult phase, you are asked to understand it, learn it and explain it.