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  1. CISA - Process of Auditing Information Systems Tutorial
  2. Internal Audit Report—Managing Information Technology Security
  3. What is Internal Audit?
  4. IT audit (information technology audit)

It is ordinarily measured by a combination of effect and likelihood of occurrence. More and more organisations are moving to a risk-based audit approach that can be adapted to develop and improve the continuous audit process. In a risk based audit approach, IS auditors are not just relying on risk. They are also relying on internal and operational controls as well as knowledge of the organisation.

The process of quantifying risk is called Risk Assessment.

CISA - Process of Auditing Information Systems Tutorial

Risk Assessment is useful in making decisions such as:. Inherent Risk : Inherent risk is the susceptibility of an audit area to error which could be material, individually or in combination with other errors, assuming that there were no related internal controls. In assessing the inherent risk, the IS auditor should consider both pervasive and detailed IS controls. A pervasive IS Control are general controls which are designed to manage and monitor the IS environment and which therefore affect all IS-related activities.

Some of the pervasive IS Controls that an auditor may consider include:. A detailed IS control is a control over acquisition, implementation, delivery and support of IS systems and services.

Internal Audit Report—Managing Information Technology Security

The IS auditor should consider, to the level appropriate for the audit area in question:. Control Risk : Control risk is the risk that an error which could occur in an audit area, and which could be material, individually or in combination with other errors, will not be prevented or detected and corrected on a timely basis by the internal control system.

For example, the control risk associated with manual reviews of computer logs can be high because activities requiring investigation are often easily missed owing to the volume of logged information. The control risk associated with computerised data validation procedures is ordinarily low because the processes are consistently applied. The IS auditor should assess the control risk as high unless relevant internal controls are:.

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  3. The scope of an IS audit?

In determining the level of substantive testing required, the IS auditor should consider both:. The higher the assessment of inherent and control risk the more audit evidence the IS auditor should normally obtain from the performance of substantive audit procedures.

What is Internal Audit?

In understanding the Audit Universe we perform the following:. The template xxx will provide you with a guideline to document an Organisations Business Sub Processes identified during the risk analysis phase.

The Audit Process

This WCGW represent the threat existing on a particular process. For each Key Activity:. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Steps in it audit 1.

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Audit process3. Follow up7. Conclusion 4. IT audit is a broad term that includes: 6. Routers Workstations Laptops You just clipped your first slide!

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    IT audit (information technology audit)

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