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Practical ideas for learning language and culture.
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That's what really forced me. Thanks for the nice comment! Yes of course! By the way, I see you have a lot of exp in Italian. Does it help with Spanish or vis-versa? Congratulations, that was a really good inspiration, now when you go back to countries that speak Spanish, you won't be nervous anymore. I know how you feel because anxiety runs through my family really bad, especially when I meet a new person, or when I stand in large crowds. I hope that you feel better when you talk to people who speak Spanish. I don't get anxious in general, but just a few things will make me that way.

Speaking another language to someone who I don't know was the worst, but it felt so good to get past it. I still feel a little anxiety, but only a fraction of what it was before. I think this will help me in my long-term goal of being able to speak Dutch. Thanks for sharing :. I understand this on a very personal level. I used to be so nervous about speaking Spanish with native speakers, but then I went on a missions trip to Panama with my youth group where I was essentially forced to speak Spanish all the time.

We had translators, but they were often busy--after all, they could only be in one place at a time. On the fourth day or so, one of the Panamanian students whose knowledge of English was limited to "yes," "please," and "good" told me that, within a year, I would be fluent in Spanish. It made my heart happy.

8 Eloquent Spanish Phrasebooks for Foolproof Communication

As a language enthusiast who lives way far from any Spanish speaking country , I have always longed to master this melodic romance language. I envy you! Did you ever consider speaking Spanish with your wife whose parents live in Mexico? You see, we're left to assume that she's Mexican. Maybe I missed something but I wouldn't be alone. Haha, sorry I'm not the best writer. But yes my wife is from Mexico, and lived there all her life until we were married 3years ago. Then she moved to Texas with me. Anyway, yes we speak Spanish sometimes, but her level in English is better than my Spanish, so we end up in English most of the time.

I guess its my fault though, I need to put more effort and always speak Spanish with her. How have you completed your Spanish tree "many times" yet you are only level 21? But congrats on being able to speak Spanish.

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Yup, I first completed it around level 12 don't remember exactly. I let that happen a couple times, then re-did the tree. I tested out of a lot of it. I've seen many other people finish the tree at a lower level as well. It took me about 3 months form start to finish the first time.

I met a special lady from Bogota and was then determined to learn Spanish. It may not be the best yet, but my girlfriend gets a big kick out me sometimes speaking sentences - like a child learning to speak. She says, "hermosa". That's amazing to be able to speak some in such a short time. Women have a way to motivate :D You're well on your way to success.

Here is a lingot for you. You are really inspiring. I hope you succeeded in your Spanish fluency. Since I am learning Spanish and taking Spanish at school that is really inspiring. Hope you go further with your Spanish Fluency! Thank you for sharing. I worry that I'll never be able to speak or understand spoken Spanish. Your story reminds me that ith continuous practice and patience i can do it. Reminds me of my experience while learning English. I could understand most of it but only answered in short sentences. One good day my cousin's boyfriend asked, "well, do you or do you not speak English?

I am so glad to read this post! I think many people are under the impression that everyone can speak a language very soon.

11 Books & Courses We Used to Learn Spanish (Print and Audio)

But, there are a lot of impressive people with an above average capacity for language retention who come to Duolingo. For those of us who do not have such a high capacity for it, it can seem like we are somehow very bad at language learning, when really, it is just like a regular athlete comparing themselves to an Olympian athlete.

Such a comparison is not fair to oneself. So, reading your account feels much more realistic to me from the people I met before coming to Duolingo, and several I've met since joining Duolingo. These stories of perseverance are really important. Language takes most people a considerable amount of time to learn. I'm very happy for you! I read in an article about learning languages that it takes the average person about two years of living in another country, immersed in their culture, to become a fluent speaker.

Those of us who are limited to learning using apps like Duolingo are likely to never be fluent speakers. This doesn't stop us from conversing whenever possible. My congratulations to anyone who completes a Duolingo course.

Spanish Among Amigos Phrasebook Conversation for Socially Adventurous Travelers

What counts as fluent is a bit nebulous. So, I would read any claims about achieving fluency with a grain of salt. I'm a native English speaker. However, there are many native English speakers who don't share my vocabulary. This is, in part, because I have a few sets of technical vocabulary that feel at home in a casual conversation for me. But, that's not true for everyone I have casual conversations with. Instead, they ask me to explain something or I'll ask them to explain something and we find circuitous routes to talk about the subject at hand even though we are all fluent in English.

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We are just not all fluent in exactly the same words or cultural concepts and world views as each other. Each language has many layers of specification, and that is where technical vocabulary comes in, it tightens layers of specification. So, hopefully folks without the means to travel won't feel discouraged by that article. I would agree however that immersion can greatly speed up the process. Even without fluency, as you've said, it doesn't stop us from conversing.

That's a really great point, one I hope that keeps people engaged in language learning even if, like me, "fluency" in another language is impossible or might be impossible for one reason or another. There are a lot of things people can still do with even just a little bit of vocabulary and minimal skill in grammar and conjugation. I've been keeping a series of accounts of emergency or other critical situations in which my tiny bit of language knowledge made all of the difference.

It is said that a person only needs to know approximately words of a given language in order to speak it. English and Spanish both have about , words. Very true I've read that once a person learns a second language, then the third etc is easier to pick up. I once met a guy from Iraq, and he knew 6 languages and didn't take classes or Duolingo.

He simply lived in several different countries throughout his life and just picked it up. I think he is one of the lucky people whose brain just understands language structure well, and he picks it up quick. I think most of us me included don't have that ability. However, I'm looking forward to learning a third language and see if that holds true that is comes easier than the 2nd language. I still need a lot of practice in Spanish, of course. But its all an exciting journey and one of the biggest challenges that I've ever faced.

Bargaining Like a Shrewd Boss

Sigue adelante! Que bonita experiencia tuviste. Te mando saludos. Me too but I am not very confident. The natives find my spanish more of entertaining because I speak like a parrot and they like it. Some learn a language easier than others. I once knew a guy who, knowing nothing of the language, was able to converse like a native after only six months of exposure to the new language.

For me, I'm not good at language, I have spent years studying Spanish and while I can function in Spanish, I am no where near a native speaker.